Considered to be one of the best ways to legitimately dominate the competition with SEO, guest posting involves reaching out to popular bloggers, experts, and other websites in your niche and asking them to create a piece of content (usually an article) and link it back to your site with a valuable keyword attached.  High authority sites can be quite expensive to acquire a guest post from, but when Google sees that a major player in your industry links to your site, they’ll rank you higher in the search results.

In lower competition industries, a single guest post and link to your site from a established site can send you up to the very top of the search results.  One post might not be enough to rank #1 for your chosen keyword, but it gets the ball rolling.

Another benefit of guest posting is exposure and traffic.  The majority of these sites have huge volumes of traffic, and if your product is interesting to readers, you’ll see an explosion in immediate traffic to your site from readers that are curious for more information.  Even if some particular readers don’t visit your site, you’ll now be known to them.  And you’ll never know when that knowledge could drive them to your site down the road.

We’ve developed a lot of contacts and “ins” in the online community, and we can use those to secure you quality guest posts in dozens of industries.  If you have a very specific niche, you can use our contact form to ensure that we have the right sites for you!