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How We Price Our Local SEO Packages

While many SEO agencies out there will throw some big, long list of random SEO items and words at you to show the value of their services, “look how much you get!”

Fooling clients into believing that 90% of that list isn’t redundant and just filler

We thought we’d share a little secret…

SEO can really be broken down into 3 main sections when discussing pricing; content, backlinks, and general SEO/tech hours.

Content: Still The King

We break content down into all of the standard types and use content “items” to price. 1 content item can be used differently each month.

Each content item can consist of:

  • 1 Pillar Post

    • These are those giant “guide” posts you see on occasion when looking up a broad subject. Look up “what is SEO?” and you’ll see nothing but pillar posts on the front page. These are your “hubs” for your main service areas.
    • Pillar posts are usually very long, and very detailed. We research the top ranking pages for the particular keyword to determine word counts, so pricing on the number of words is more confusing than anything.
    • An example on our site is our digital marketing for personal injury lawyers page. We discuss every aspect of marketing related to that niche, with a brief background into each. Then we internally link to service pages like SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers to go into more detail and try to push out services a bit. It all connects.
  • 1 Service Page

    • These can be similar to pillar posts, but they focus more on the specific service you offer. Our Albuquerque Local SEO page is our service page for SEO services in our area.
    • These are generally quite long and detailed as well. In fact, you can look at service and pillar pages as the same type of page for the most part, at least in more competitive industries.
  • 2 Blog Posts

    • The bread and butter of most websites these days. These generally focus on a keyword or keyword cluster and try to explain it, or answer a question, as best as it can.
    • Depending on the keyword, these pieces of content can be long as well, but they’re not usually quite as in depth as pillar and service pages.
    • We have a post on the dark side of search, black hat SEO, which is more just for fun and a little extra general traffic.
  • 4 Google Business Profile Posts

    • A newer tactic, but quickly becoming one of the most important for local businesses who want to rank higher in the map results. These are more like social media posts than website content, which is why you get more per content item.
    • These are used to show Google that you’re active on their Business Profile platform and that you engage with customers in the area. Don’t underestimate the value of these posts if you want to hit that local 3-pack in search results!
    • Here’s an example of a recent Google Post we made.

Backlinks: Quality Over Quantity

Links are tricky because people think that the more they have, the better. That’s not true, and many businesses have tanked their rankings going for quantity over quality.

We only outreach to niche-relevant websites for our link proposals. Topical relevance is the most important thing when building links. One good, niche-related backlink pointing to your website from a big authority in the industry is worth more than thousands of low quality, unrelated backlinks.

Lawyers have a large range of law-focused, relevant websites that are authorities in the industry. Those are who we target when doing link outreach.

Each backlink item can be one of the following:

  • 1 High Quality, Niche Link Placement

    • The best backlinks on the web. The domain authority/rating depends on the niche, but we only reach out to the best, topically relevant websites for these particular links. These are more important for heavy competition keywords, or local businesses in larger cities.
  • 2 Medium Quality, Niche Link Placements

    • These are more common for our clients. We still only reach out to websites in your niche, and ensure the scores, traffic, and content will improve your rankings overall. No junk links, we don’t build junk links. These are still better links than many agencies build as their “best”.
  • 2 Local/Sponsor Link Placements

    • These are links we prioritize for local businesses. Local organizations in your city, like the Chamber of Commerce, offers sponsorships which will provide a link to your website. Google sees these as extremely topically relevant because it shows you are involved with the community.
  • 25 Local Citations or Citation Updates/Corrections

    • These are usually the first thing we focus on for local clients. Ensuring your business is properly listed on every relevant directory online is a big step towards increasing your local SEO.

SEO Hours: For All The Rest!

This is our catchall category for all the rest of the work we do. Audits, fixes, optimizations, and anything else that your specific business might need to get better online visibility.

Many agencies will give you a list of different audits, numbers of keywords, and pages optimized in their SEO packages, but what if your particular site doesn’t need one of those? Well, you pay for it anyways and they waste your time and money.

We only perform SEO tasks that will give you results. What tasks those are depends on your specific website/business.

Some of the tasks that fall under this category are:

  • Technical audits and fixes
  • On-Page optimizations
  • Competitive analysis’
  • Content audits
  • Local audits
  • Any other miscellaneous work that needs to be done for better rankings

Low Competition

  • 1 Content Item
  • 1 Link Item
  • 5 SEO Hours

Medium Competition

  • 6 Content Items
  • 4 Link Items
  • 20 SEO Hours

High Competition

  • 12 Content Items
  • 15 Link Items
  • 25 SEO Hours


- TBD -monthly
  • XX Content Items
  • XX Link Items
  • XX SEO Hours