Local SEO for Doctors

Local SEO for Doctors Can Attract Local Patients!

Local SEO for Medical ClinicsLocal SEO can be a tricky business. In particular, local SEO for doctors and medical clinics can be a minefield. For starters, medical professionals tend to have a high profile online. They have to, as they interact with patients via email, websites, social media, and even video platforms. Also, in terms of online presence, doctors tend to have high expectations for themselves, for their practices, and for their reputation. So there’s no surprise when they find out about some SEO techniques that are meant to work against them. But with some careful planning and the right tools at hand, a doctor can build up a strong local reputation. Here are a few tricks that can help.

Why Isn’t My Practice Showing Up in Google Maps Like It Used To?!

If you are a doctor who manages their own business listings, you might know that Google has made some changes to the algorithm which has affected local and organic SEO. There are two important things you need to know for medical listings:

  • Google has stopped using “local business” as one of its ranking signals. This means that if you want to rank well in searches, you will have to provide additional healthcare related content focusing on the specific areas you are planning to target for your practice to show up in the local results.
  • Google’s new “Know Your Audience” algorithm has introduced a set of new signals which are more specific to a region. If you want to rank for a city, county or zip code, then your medical website and listings need to be advertising to these specific areas with your content.

Medical Practice Listings

Need Local SEO Services for Your Medical Practice? Or Do You Want to Do It Yourself?

If you aren’t interested, or ready, to hire on an SEO specialist or agency (but if you are, we’re here to help!), then here are some basics that might help you get started in dialing in the local and organic SEO for your doctor’s office/practice or medical clinic and seeing yourself at #1 in Google’s search results:

Keywords Your Patients Search For

Keywords are the lifeblood of any SEO campaign. They are the search phrases people use to find things online. Without keywords, you’re lost in the woods. Local SEO for medical doctors requires a good content strategy, which includes lots of high-quality, unique, and helpful content. Your medical practice’s content needs to be optimized for Google searches, and the important keywords you use in the content can be used in the URLs as well for a nice boost. It’s important to implement a back link structure that supports your keyword strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy

Local SEO for doctors and other medical practices is a challenge as search engines focus on content. Content is king, but quality content can only do so much for your healthcare website.

Local SEO is becoming increasingly important, but it can be challenging to come up with ideas and implement a content strategy for it. Show results, create and display the impact you have in your patients lives!

Create a Consistent Back Link Strategy

Search engine optimization for medical doctors and practices is an area of internet marketing that is gaining significant popularity in recent times. Because it is local, people tend to trust high ranking doctor listings when they are in need of medical clinics or practices. In order to reach these potential patients, you must build a list of high quality websites that point to your site as the best choice. This is where an SEO expert will come in handy (or maybe even an Albuquerque local SEO company?). An SEO specialist will be able to generate the link structure and content required to make sure that your medical practice website ranks high in local search engines like Google.

Page Load Time and Other Important Technical SEO Factors

Technical SEO for DoctorsTo really improve your local SEO ranking you need to optimize your medical clinic’s website and its content for speed. You must make sure that your website loads fast and your pages load fast. Your website must also be properly indexed by search engines, or…it won’t be seen in search results at all! If you’re curious about your technical SEO, you can test it on Google’s PageSpeed Insights for some pointers.

Local Medical/Doctor Practice and Healthcare Listings

There is a huge difference between local and national SEO. Local SEO is more about where your patients are and providing them a local service where they need it. Good local directory listings are a must-have for doctors, surgeons, dental clinics, and…well, all businesses in general. Without optimized local listings, search results will send your patients to pages that are hundreds of miles away. Many Google results even send patients to practices with no reviews at all. Most potential patients never even bother looking at these practices. If they do, they likely won’t trust the information.

This factor is double sided as well. The more local directories you are displayed on, the more eyes will see your practice; and the more local directories that display you, the more it helps your practice’s Google Map listing as well! Doctors do love efficiency, and so do we!

Business Listing and Directory Reviews

Google Reviews for Medical ProfessionalsHaving a high quantity of patient reviews on your listings, especially on Google Maps, will both help legitimize your medical practice and boost your local SEO rankings naturally. Try to give patients a gentle nudge to review you on Google, create a QR code on your appointment reminder cards that they can scan and go straight to the review section. This is just one of many ways to increase your Google listing engagement. People love reviewing services when they’re well taken care of, as long as you make it easy for them!

What goes along with this is engagement. You want that patient engagement on your healthcare practice’s Google listing, and you also want to respond with engagement of your own. Thank people for their good reviews, and try to correct any negative reviews if possible. Don’t forget to request removals of any bad reviews that break Google’s review terms.

Organic Social Media Marketing for Healthcare Clinics

Not necessarily an SEO tactic, but posting on social media works in tandem with it, especially for local medical and healthcare businesses. Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business or practice’s listing organically. Doctors should embrace social media because it can increase their credibility, build their reputation, generate conversions, and improve the way their practice communicates with those important patients.

You should not be posting on social media as an excuse to promote your business or listing. Use social media to get to know your patients and create that trust. Then they’ll come to your practice when they need to. Post consistently on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or wherever you might find your important health conscious patients. It’s a key factor in online marketing in general.

Do I Really Need Local SEO as a Doctor?

Whether you’re a surgeon, physician, dentist, urgent care/hospital, or a general health or family physician, yes, you should employ local SEO services if you want to compete with other local medical practices. If your target audience lives close to your medical clinic, then you should consider investing in local SEO and getting those listings optimized for organic search. It is less expensive than traditional advertising and much more targeted. Your medical practice’s website will have a better chance of being found online if your clinic or practice is listed in a search engine directory. Help potential patients find you when they need your assistance. They want the best, and you’re the best medical professional around, right?

Let Your Patients Find You!