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So What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to a collection of activities that help improve the overall visibility of a particular website. In other words, it is a unique and beneficial process of enhancing the quality of the site in the eyes of various search engines such as Bing, Google, etc.

SEO primarily focuses on increasing unpaid traffic for organic and local results for a company’s website. It can consist of video, image, news, academic, or industry-specific and local information. This practice serves as a valuable tool to help people find the online content they’re searching for.

Overall, the better visibility of a webpage or a website in the results, the more potential customers will end up on the site, ready to buy since they’re already searching for your product/service. A well strategized plan provides targeted, buyer-ready traffic when done correctly.

What are the Steps for SEO Work?

SEO starts with search engines like Bing and Google. They use crawlers, spiders, or bots to gather relevant information from all over the internet. After that, it moves on to a specific site and follows the internal and external links to discover all the connections throughout the internet.

The information found in the crawled pages allows the spiders to comprehend what each page contains and how it remains connected to other pages semantically. When a person inputs a query into a search box, the platform utilizes various complex algorithms to determine and pull out the most helpful and accurate results list. These organic results can consist of web pages containing articles, videos, images, local business listings, or other material.

Various factors go behind the algorithm used by a search engine. They keep evolving with growing trends and no one outside of the creators know exactly what the algorithms do specifically. Search engine optimization is basically an educated guessing game based on previous experiences, data driven decision making, investigation, and lots and lots of testing!

Any company or organization, both national and local, that wishes to gain a high Search Engine Results Page or SERP ranking can employ these strategies. The methods use non-manipulative tactics (well, you can read about those interesting manipulative tactics on our post about what is black hat SEO?) that emphasize the user’s experience. It allows them to gain a large amount of high-quality, organic and local traffic that converts into potential leads or sales.

How Can We Help?

Overall success and growth gained from search engine optimization tactics directly correlates to traffic on a site and engagement on map listings for local Albuquerque companies; and since it’s targeted by well researched keywords, more conversions will surely follow. It’s a long-term investment, not an expense. Once the ground work has been laid, you can usually keep up your rankings by performing minimal “maintenance” tasks.

Thus, we understand the importance of professional optimizations for all companies, even if they’re small local organizations that don’t have a website yet (we can help there too!). We know how crucial it is for any company to expand their reach by reaching the top in Google searches. Make it easier for customers looking for your product or service to find you when they need it!

We’re a Local Albuquerque SEO Company!

If you require local Albuquerque SEO services, Noved Solutions is the best choice. We help local companies, both in person and online, flourish and improve their online presence. Our organic and local SEO tactics adhere to Google’s best practices, and we are consistently keeping up with changes and algorithm updates. You never know when one small algorithm update can totally change the game in rankings.

Our strategies come from years of experience, both in the work itself, and being ingrained in the search engine optimization community. It allows us to reach the company goals that our customers have. While our goal is to always exceed expectations! Additionally, we sincerely care about all our projects and assign a team or group of talented Albuquerque SEO experts to each of them, whether you’re a small local business or a large national site, you’ll have a team of SEO consultants and specialists at your back! Each team member cares deeply about helping local Albuquerque companies thrive.

Although we’re a local SEO company in Albuquerque, we offer our services to any location. With the movement towards digital meeting apps like Zoom, we can service any area with ease. Our local Albuquerque companies will always have priority with us though.

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Where We Excel as an SEO Agency

There are many different aspects of search engine optimization, all of which are important. These areas all work together symbiotically, and when they’re all optimized correctly, you’ll see the benefits in the number of sales your company completes. Here are some of the most important components in search engine optimization:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with server and website optimizations that allow the search engine crawlers to find and index a particular site more effectively. If Google can’t crawl your website, then any other work will be pointless. The tech side of search engine optimization is often seen as the most important because of this.

Technical SEO is essential because most platforms, like Google, provide preferential treatment to those sites that possess specific technical characteristics. If all other factors of two webpages are equal besides one loads faster than the other, the page that loads faster will provide a better user experience; and because of that, the page that loads faster will rank higher.

Our Albuquerque SEO experts are highly effective at performing tech audits, which is generally the first project we will perform for new clients. Investigating, diagnosing, and fixing any technical issues we find is always a priority early on. Without a stable technical backbone, any other actions we perform would be a waste, and we don’t waste anything!


Content is exceptionally crucial for SEO. It provides relevant and essential information to the search engines and visitors. Without content, Google would have no idea what your page was about and wouldn’t rank it in their results for any relevant keywords.

Keyword research is generally the first step on the content side of SEO. Figuring out which terms potential customers would type in the search box when looking for your product/service is key. Once you have these keywords, you can start optimizing current content and creating new articles or posts to target these terms. EACH page (except about, contact, and any other “company” sections that might not rank for anything besides branded terms anyways) on the site should be targeting a primary keyword along with any secondary, related keywords.

As a local SEO company in Albuquerque, we pay special attention to this aspect. We ensure that the content on each page is of high quality, answers customer questions, and pleases Google by following best practices. A consistent content plan should be maintained long term, so that new material is always being created and posted on your website, keeping it fresh and updated.


Links, both external and internal, create an association between websites and pages. You see links all over the web, connecting websites together in a nice flow of information.

An external link is when another site links to yours in their content. These are extremely helpful when coming from high authority websites in your company’s niche. They’re essentially a vote of confidence towards your site from a well-known entity in the industry.

Internal links are clickable “guides” on your own site that leads you from one location to another. They aid in a smooth user experience and also let Google know what each page is focusing on. Say you have a broad SEO overview post (like this one) and you mention technical SEO; if you have a separate tech page that goes into more detail, then an internal link to that expanded topic would benefit both the user and the overall rankings.

A main service that any local SEO company should offer is link building. And by analyzing data on competitors, we can gauge how many backlinks you should be building per month to remain competitive, as well as ensuring that the company’s internal linking structure is optimized.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is essential because it allows Google and other platforms to understand specific content and other details of a website or webpage. Additionally, it helps it identify the aspects relevant to the user’s query.

Our SEO services can help get each piece of your site optimized for Google and users. Sometimes, a simple on-page audit and implementation can take a website from nowhere in the SERPs, to the first result. Knowing your keywords and your audience is crucial in this step.

So Let Us Take Your Local Albuquerque Business on an SEO Journey to the First Search Result!

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